Dr. Julie D. Messerly DDS
Patients who might benefit from sedation dentistry include those who have high fear and anxiety, previous traumatic dental experiences, very sensitive teeth, or complex dental problems. 

Dr. Julie D. Messerly offer two types of sedation to help make your appointment more comfortable. 

The lowest level of sedation is through nitrous oxide, also known as "laughing gas".  Dentists have found that nitrous oxide is useful for in calming fearful patients as well as children.  The effect of nitrous oxide is often remarkable.  A patient who is anxious prior to treatment will become calm and relaxed after the gas is adjusted to the appropriate dose.  After the treatment is completed, the patient is given pure oxygen to breathe for approximately 5 minutes, and all of the effects of sedation are reversed.  This is a great benefit to the patient as it gives you the calming relief needed, without the "after effects".  The patient leaves the office by themselves, their mentality uninterrupted by medications.

The next level of sedation is conscious oral sedation.  This option includes a medication taken orally, typically Valium, Halcion or another similar sedative.  The patient typically will take one pill the night before the appointment, and another one hour prior to the appointment.  A driver would need to bring the patient to and from their appointment.